Getting started

To use RTWTools you will need a copy of ENVI - one of the standard remote sensing software packages.

Note: RTWTools has not yet been upgraded to work with the new 'Toolbox' in ENVI 5.0 and newer, but will still work within the ENVI Classic interface that is available in these versions.

Step 1: Download RTWTools

Download the latest release of RTWTools from here.

Step 2: Install it

Simply unzip the file you downloaded and copy the RTWTools.sav file to the ENVI save_add directory. This will normally be somewhere like "C:\Program Files\Exelis\ENVI51\classic\save_add" for ENVI 5.1 or C:\Program Files\ITT\IDL708\products\envi48\save_add\ for ENVI 4.8.

Step 3: Load ENVI and use RTWTools

Start ENVI as normal, and you should have a new RTWTools menu at the far right-hand end of the menu bar. You'll find all of the tools categorised underneath that. The interfaces to the tools are fairly self-explanatory, but if you need any help then just see the documentation.